School Council

The Queen of Angel's Catholic School Council consists of 7-9 members who are elected to participate in decision-making in designated areas of responsibility. Those areas in which the School Council is involved in are:

  • Planning – Establishing the mission statement, a strategic plan and annual plans for the school.
  • Policy Formation / Enactment – Giving general direction for administrative action on local issues.
  • Finances – Developing plan and means to finance ongoing educational programs including input in setting tuition, developing and monitoring the annual budget, and funding for capital projects.
  • Selection & Appointment of School Staff – Participating in the selection and appointment of new staff of the school in accordance with the policies of the Board of Directors.
  • Public Relations & Marketing – Includes understanding the school’s mission, a commitment to the school’s vision, the involvement of people, the formation of a plan, and the acquisition of funds to bring the plan to fruition.
  • Human Resources - Involved in the hiring of teaching and support staff.
  • Evaluation – Determining whether goals and plans of the Council are met and determining the Council’s own effectiveness.

School Council meeting are held every month and are open to the general school community.

School Council Members (2016-2017)

Chairperson - Mrs. Sheri Biblow 
Vice-Chair - Position Open
Finance - Ms. Tara Benham
Secretary - Position Open
Parish Liason - Position Open
Human Resources - Mrs. Anne Pimenta  
Marketing - Mrs. Victoria Robinson (nonvoting member)
Buildings & Grounds - Mr. Chad Wong  
Member at large - Mrs. Tracy Drews
Member at large - Mrs. Audrey George 
Parish Priest - Fr. Luyen 
Principal - Mrs. Kathy Korman

Queen of Angels School Council meets on the fourth Monday of every month and members of our school community are welcome to attend the public portion of the meetings.  Minutes of Council meetings are available at the school office once approved.


We have been very happy with Queen of Angels School. The teachers are very supportive and it's a joy to see our children grow into their independent selves while being nurtured and encouraged. The uniform gives them a sense of pride and belonging. We also enjoy interacting with like-minded parents who show a commitment to their children's education.
Boleyn Relova-Clegg Parent
Our experience at QofA is nothing short of a true blessing. We thank God everyday for the amazing staff, and for the superior academic & religious programs you offer. Thank you to each and every one of you, who contribute to making this school so great!
Shana Moore Parent
I have been at Queen of Angels for as long as I can remember and it truly feels like a family. I love the warm, loving environment and I am happy to come to school everyday. I've made so many great friends and have had many amazing teachers. I've learned so much and had so many wonderful experiences at Queen of Angels.
Clara T. Grade 9 Student