Important Notice

Middle School Meeting Tuesday, February 27th from 6:30pm. ALL parents of students in grades 6, 7 & 8 are encouraged to attend. Significant changes to our Middle School will be shared.

Parent Auxiliary (PA)

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can parents get involved in Queen of Angels School?
    Parents are an integral part of the parish and school community and are encouraged to take part in the activities of the school. Parents provide the leadership needed for special activities, fund-raisers, socials and other community building events. Queen of Angels has an active Parent Auxiliary  (PA) which functions under the direction of the School Council. A parent liaison representative facilitates communication between the two organizations. Meetings are held once a month.
  • What is the purpose of the Parent Auxiliary Group?
    The purpose is to assist the Principal and School Council in meeting the needs of the school community. We meet these needs on three levels: financial, social and educational.
  • Who can belong to the Parent Auxiliary Group?
    Anyone who is a parent or guardian of a student at the school can belong to the Parent Auxiliary Committee. The PA is parent/guardian organized and managed.
  • What does the Parent Auxiliary do?
    We organize fundraisers such as hot lunch and snack days as well family events to provide financial assistance for school programs, equipment and recreational activities. We stage social events such as the Family Barbeque, Halloween Party, Mardi Gras and our annual Christmas Turkey Dinner. We provide funds to teachers for classroom materials and extra-curricular activities.

PA Members (2017- 2018)

President - Mrs. Tam Arnold
Vice-President - Ms. Denise MacDonald 
Secretary - Mrs. Diana Weld 
Treasurer - Mrs. Cheryl Schultz
Bursary - Mrs. Sandra Stewart 
Zero Waste/Gaming - Ms. Denise MacDonald
Hot Lunch Coordinators - Mrs. Kirbee Crisp & Mrs. Rachael Bissett 
Principal - Mrs. Kathy Korman 
Teacher & Staff Representative - Mrs. Tracy Parker

For additional information, please contact our parent group at

We have been very happy with Queen of Angels School. The teachers are very supportive and it's a joy to see our children grow into their independent selves while being nurtured and encouraged. The uniform gives them a sense of pride and belonging. We also enjoy interacting with like-minded parents who show a commitment to their children's education.
Boleyn Relova-Clegg Parent
Our experience at QofA is nothing short of a true blessing. We thank God everyday for the amazing staff, and for the superior academic & religious programs you offer. Thank you to each and every one of you, who contribute to making this school so great!
Shana Moore Parent
I have been at Queen of Angels for as long as I can remember and it truly feels like a family. I love the warm, loving environment and I am happy to come to school everyday. I've made so many great friends and have had many amazing teachers. I've learned so much and had so many wonderful experiences at Queen of Angels.
Clara T. Grade 9 Student